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Neighbors Feeding Neighbors

Thanks for your support this year! The 2015 season has ended... Stay tuned for information on next year's subscriptions! Click here to record your name and contact information if you would like to be contacted about the 2016 season.


Your Subscription Matters 

Thanks to the 2014 Co-op members & subscribers, we (being the co-op as a whole) put close to $350,000 in the pockets of Sandhills farmers & artisans this year! 


Not to mention, more than $43,000 circulated back into YOUR community through contributions to your gathering sites from subscriptions and Artisanal Market purchases! You make a difference. 



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You Make This Work!

SF2T is like a potluck supper; if everyone comes to the party and gives a little, then there is  an incredible diverse abundance for all to share. We're All in This Together!

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